1. Ship of Fools

From the recording My Turn

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Yes, I know I was asking for trouble
No need to go through the wreckage for clues
All the kisses grown cold – It’s the same old story
Play Cupid’s game and you’re bound to lose
So, Love, hey thanks – Look what you started
Made me weep and wail – How could you be so cruel?
I joined the ranks of the broken-hearted
Set sail on the ship of fools
The moon is a silver-tongued devil
A smooth-talking rogue with an eye to romance
Dazzled in its glow as he whispered low
                                                        such sweet words
Found myself saying, “Sure – Let’s take a chance”
Swept away, and now I’m stranded
Every bridge burned, no return ticket to be found
The bloom’s off the rose – I’m just one of those
Here I sit where I hit the rocks, ran aground