1. Sing Me a Hymn

From the recording A Wild Bird Flying

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It’s a silent night
Too silent somehow
If there be comfort
I could use it now
The only sound
The beat of my heart
Like a frightened child
Alone in the dark
Sing me a hymn
Play me an anthem
I want to hear Halleluiah
From winged seraphim
        (When my hopes grow dim)
Sing me a hymn
The feeling you get
When the walls resound
You could put pen to paper
But you could never write it down
Mercy and forgiveness
A voice from above
Life everlasting
And eternal love
I’ve lived all these years
And I only know this
That sometimes it hurts
To watch the way the light hits
The edge of the ocean
The path to the door
And know that one day I won’t see it
Or you anymore