From the recording VIII

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The beat’s got a hold on me
Yes, I hear a symphony
Down through history
(Everywhere I go on the radio)
They say, “The beat’s got a hold on me”

Here’s a word to the wise
We’ve all been mesmerized
Joining in one by one
We’re moving in unison

And you know that I’ve tried to leave it
I tell myself I don’t need it
But then again the minute I hear it
It’s a magnetic pull and I’m in the spirit

The cradle started to rock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one two three
Said, “The beat’s got a hold on me”

From a mother’s lullaby
Singing, “Hush, baby, don’t you cry”
To every port of call, every dance hall
They say – Yeah

Sailors on the sea
Sang, “Nearer My God to Thee”
When they heard the trade winds blow
They sang, “Yo ho ho oh-oh”

Soldiers sang, “Here we come”
As they marched to the fife and drum
Thunder of boots on the ground
And the walls came tumbling down

Do the two-step
Do the twist
Shake your tail feathers
Do it like this
Play La Bamba
Play a tango
Play a requiem
‘Cause I’m feeling low
Do the buck and wing
Do the stroll
Play a minuet
Play some rock and roll