From the recording Rock Another Day

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A man came crawling out of the desert
Said, “I thought I heard a battle cry
The sun looking down so cruel
Was fixing me with a baleful eye”
Mother, do you hear the drumming?
Don’t you know I’ve been called upon?
Father, they are singing something
About the fall of Babylon
“You can bring me home but this house
                                        will not hold me
I’m a stranger in a strange land
I see the dragons at the gate
From a silver ship sailing on the sand
Give me no medicine – Give me no comfort
This blanket feels like a funeral shroud
Bring me my spear – Bring me my armor
The voices are beckoning much too loud"
Wringing her hands she called for the doctor
The doctor said, “This is delirium”
“No, no, Doctor”, he said, “You are mistaken
Look behind you – Here they come”
She said, “Do you not see the sunlight
                                through the window
The rose on the vine as we stand at your side?”
He raised his fevered head from the pillow
Just before he sank back and died, he said…