From the recording Born To Howl

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Let me tell you the story of a girl
All she ever wanted was to rock the world
She asked for a guitar for birthday #9
They thought an acoustic would be just fine
She said, "No, no, no - I want a B.C. Rich
Maybe a Warlock, maybe a Bich"
Mommy said to Daddy, " Did you hear what she said?
She said, 'I like Black Sabbath and Motorhead'"

Oh yeah - What's a girl to do?
I've been wishing on a star - let my dreams come true
Sorry, Mom and Dad - this might come as a shock
(Standing at the door - gonna knock knock knock)
I just want to be the First Lady of Rock

The sign on the clubhouse said No Girls Allowed
She wanted to knock but she was too proud
So she went back home and practiced in her room
In front of the mirror by the light of the moon
She said, "I tried to be quiet - I really did
I studied hard - I was a good kid
But there's something in my bones, something in my soul
Makes me crank the distortion just as loud as it'll go"

She said, "I'm not after glory, I'm not after fame
You might not ever know my name
I'm no rock giant, if you know what I mean
I'm 5'6", I weigh 114
I'll play in the streets, I'll play in the bars
Out on the highways and under the stars
Dreaming the dream I had as a girl
When all I ever wanted was to rock the world"