From the recording A Rude Awakening

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In a churchyard lies a man
His story widely known
One day I came upon a girl
Laying flowers by his stone
I said, “It is not my intention
To intrude upon your grief
I’ll say one thing and one thing only
And it is my true belief”

Somewhere it is written In a book all bound in gold
Assured a place in Heaven
The ones who rocked and rolled

She said, “He was taken In his thirty-seventh year
And since that fateful morning I come to feel his presence here
If you were to ask me It is his voice I miss the most
When someone speaks a little like him
I turn as if I’ve seen a ghost”

I prepared to take my leave
For her face was drawn and pale
She said, “Your words so kind I’ll bring to mind
When my courage starts to fail
In the middle of the night
I cannot keep my thoughts at bay
I see him climbing up the burning stairwell To the call of Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”

Somewhere it is written In the book of kindred souls
They answered "Yes" to the question
"Did you rock? Did you roll?""