From the recording I Couldn't Find You


Oh you should have been there
All quiet and serene
I wish you could have seen it
The courtyard of the queen
There were turrets up above
And corridors below
And all her garden flowers
Grew in even, ordered rows
And they talked about it
These and other things
As they stood outside
The palace of the king
Those who still remember
Say that not be outdone
All her jewels shone light
Rivals to the sun
And the king walked in majesty
They wrote it down in song
But they had to avert their eyes
They couldn’t look at him too long
But there was discontent
There was trouble threatening
But word never reached
The palace of the king
They chanted in one voice
Hands curled around the door
They said, “We’ve waited and we’ve waited
But we will wait no more”
And they stormed all the walls down
Overturned everything
They shouted in one voice
“The king is dead – Long live the king!”