From the recording Ride Away From The World


Oh no - I don't want to goThrough another Friday nightWatching the clock -No way to rockIt just doesn't seem rightI'm not going to sit home all aloneWaiting for the telephone to ringNo, I don't want to be a bird in the cageThat never gets to singI know a place where the dance floor shakesWhere the room's getting ready to rollI'm going downTo the Tic Toc LoungeKeeping time to the beatPeople there are clapping their handsAnd tapping their feetI want to join inI want to join right inI turned off the TV - Nothing to seePut away the book and marked the pageI fixed my hair and got down thereIn time to see the band take the stageOne two three four and I was out on the floorSo glad I had comeThey set the groove - They made us moveWith just guitar, bass and drumsWell what about you? Do you want to go too?I guarantee a party's going onTo tell the truth, we're gonna raise the roofFrom the midnight hour 'til the breaking of the dawnDown the line to the end of timeEvery boy and every girlThey just want to rock around the blockIn every town and all over the worldI know a place where the dance floor shakesand everybody's ready to rollWe're going soon to the Rhythm RoomDown on Washington StreetYou and me and Martha ReevesWe'll be dancing to the beat