From the recording Fire It Up

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To this day they offer consolation
“You carry a torch, we’re told”
In idle conversation
Say, “Love like that scorches the soul”
Well, just for the record
I knew it wouldn’t last
We might as well have been on the Titanic
Into the frigid waters cast

Now it’s always raining
Here in the valley of regret
And they all say I’ll get over you
But I haven’t yet

I’m condemned to remember
You, my true and only friend
All the rugs have been rolled up
All the good seats have been taken
And now everyone’s a prophet
Everyone knows the score
But they didn’t see it coming
In 1994

The ones left are the phantoms
So superior and so wise
But if you ask my opinion
It’s like they’re anesthetized
In my dreams I see you
Getting ready to depart
I woke up this morning again
With a razor blade in my heart