1. Torn Asunder

From the recording Born To Howl

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Early one evening
For no reason or rhyme
I started to go back
Go back in time
I saw conquerors counting
Their ill-gotten gains
Then the tables would turn
And they'd languish in chains

Oh, I wonder
What will abide
With all torn asunder
We're just along for the ride
(I've got you by my side)

Heard the footfall of soldiers
Armies on the march
Through the streets of Atlanta
And Constantine's Arch
Heard the wailing of children
The cry, "All is lost"
While nuns behind walls
Made the Sign of the Cross

Fate is capricious
To say the very least
Said, "I'm sorry to do this
It's just the nature of the beast"
And that Cleopatra
She sure got around
She said, "Build me a city
And then tear it down"

Time casts a long shadow
And rides a dark horse
Throws the Earth off its axis
And shows no remorse
But they say - yes, they say
That love conquers all
So put your hand in mine
While empires rise and fall