1. Torn Asunder

From the recording Born To Howl


Early one eveningFor no reason or rhymeI started to go backGo back in timeI saw conquerors countingTheir ill-gotten gainsThen the tables would turnAnd they'd languish in chainsOh, I wonderWhat will abideWith all torn asunderWe're just along for the ride(I've got you by my side)Heard the footfall of soldiersArmies on the marchThrough the streets of AtlantaAnd Constantine's ArchHeard the wailing of childrenThe cry, "All is lost"While nuns behind wallsMade the Sign of the CrossFate is capriciousTo say the very leastSaid, "I'm sorry to do thisIt's just the nature of the beast"And that CleopatraShe sure got aroundShe said, "Build me a cityAnd then tear it down"But they say - yes, they sayThat love conquers allSo put your hand in mineWhile empires rise and fall