From the recording Situation Out of Control


Standing on the platformStaring down the trackI felt a shiverWhen I heard that clickety-clackHeard the cry of "All aboard"The ancient whistle blowI've been waiting here so longI can't tell friend from foeOh - - -I'll meet you down the lineI'm on the train to nowhereAnd it's right on timeThe conductor was a blind manAnd it caused me some concernWhen he handed me my ticketFor the point of no returnHe said, "You look a little worse for wearI hate to call your bluffBut if you're going to ride this lineYou must be made of sterner stuff"I begged the brakeman, "Stop this train"He said, "But what's the use?You should know by now it's commonplaceFor all hell to be breaking loose"Then I heard my grandmother singing"Hush - don't you cryYou're my little piece of HeavenFallen down from the sky"