From the recording VIII

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He was driving west through Beaumont
Heard a story in a bar
It scared him half to death
And he jumped back in his car

There’s a girl who’s hunting cowboys
Carving notches in her gun
Casualties are mounting
Lost count at twenty-one

Your days are numbered
If she sets her sights on you
There’s trouble down in Texas
And her name is Betty Lou

She was courted by a cowboy
Down on bended knee
He pledged eternal love
But it was not to be

He left her at the altar
A sweet and blushing bride
Now she is a woman scorned
Hell-bent on homicide

He was hiding out in Houston
But he didn’t stay for long
They said he bore a strong resemblance
To the one who done her wrong

In an icehouse up in Conroe
He was taken by surprise
When a girl walked through the swinging doors
Vendetta in her eyes

Her two gold teeth were flashing
He saw her skull tattoo
She said, “Hi - Nice to meet y’all
My name is Betty Lou”

He headed for the alley
Ducking buckshot as he ran
His mind already working
On a relocation plan

There’s a new endangered species
And cowboy is its name
He said, “I’m moving out of state
And I suggest you do the same

If you want to send a postcard
Address it Katmandu
There’s trouble down in Texas
And her name is Betty Lou”