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  1. What a Pity

From the recording A Rude Awakening


Out in Franklin CountyNot too far from hereTwo men loved one womanAnd the price they paid was dearShe said, “I’d like to marryBut I’m not sure which oneI guess I’ll play it outUntil the setting sun”One man stood before herHis hands trembling and coldHe said, “I’d like to take you for my brideTo have and to hold”She said, “But you must understandI’m not sure who I loveIt might be you and it might be himThat I am dreaming of”Sometimes in loveWe play a deadly gameI hear the angels up aboveSay, “What a pity, what a shame”Her mother tried to tell her“You court disaster down the linePlay one man against the otherAnd you’re no daughter of mine”“Mother, don’t be so seriousBroken hearts can always mendI will soon make up my mindAnd besides, they’re the best of friends”Meanwhile as she spoke these wordsOne was taking out his knifeAnd in a fit of jealous rageHe took his best friend’s lifeShe ran down to where he lay dyingHe was cradled in her armsAll that she could think to say was“I never meant to do you harm”The trial was a sad sad thingAll the judge could say -“I sent one man to prisonBut the real killer got away”