From the recording Rise From The Ashes

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In fitful dreams
With dark themes
That threaten to pull me under
I call but make no sound
Lost and never found
Finally I wake to wonder
How we do this at all
Our backs against the wall
With love the only doorway
Praying for the light
Out of reach, out of sight
To guide us on our way

We call on the moon and stars
With voices from afar
Their secrets to uncover
We’re waiting here below
For what, we do not know
While unseen angels hover

If I’ve said all this before
I’ve been shaken to the core
So forgive me any lapse of reason
Courage is a lonely art
I must take heart
“To every thing there is a season”
And sometimes we hear things
Beating of gentle wings
On our windowpane
Oh, but then
They’re gone again
And love is all that remains

In the dead of night
By electric light
We sing the songs of old
Come down to me, Sweet Mystery
And play your harps of gold