From the recording A Wild Bird Flying

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Back in the beginning
You held your head up high
And I remember thinking
You breathed a finer air than I
When your star was on the rise
You were sought by kings and queens
Now a man I scarcely recognize
Walks through the crowd unseen
Fame’s a cold mistress
She’ll laugh right in your face
And say she came to witness
Your fall from grace
At first she sat beside you
And whispered in your ear
“You’re almost like a god”
You pretended not to hear
But you took it all as gospel
You believed what you were told
Temptation’s grasping fingers
Found the crack along your soul
Since you laid eyes on her
Truth you pushed aside
You sacrificed your honor
And you auctioned off your pride
With the cameras there to capture
Your slide downhill
Those who once sat enraptured
Closed in for the kill