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There’s a dog and he won’t stop howlingIn a way he never howled beforeI asked him, “What’s the problem?”He said, “Go home and barricade the door”There’s a shadow on the front lawnThere’s a crack in the wallWhere’s a soothsayer when you need one?Might mean everything or nothing at allOh, say can you see?Can you read between the lines?Give me a kiss for good luckAfter all, these are desperate timesHere lies a poetUnnoticed and unsungIn a corner of the graveyardWords left burning on the tongueThere’s a woman standing in the hallwayLooks like she’s got a tale to tellShe keeps saying over and over“Someone stole the warning bell”Let’s check the foundationsThey’ve fallen into disrepairBut the way you look in the twilightI could die and not even care