1. Rock On


What’s that in the sky?It’s a bird of preyWith a predatory eyeAnd it’s looking your wayYou wore a suit of armorWith a heavy metal plateNo match for the falcon’s clawYou learned that way too lateRock on, Rock onWhen your hope is dead and goneRock on, Rock onThrough the dark before the dawnRock on through the driving rainThrough the Level Five hurricaneRock on, Rock on, Rock onWhen the four winds scatterThe seeds you have sewnFaith lies in tattersAnd you’re all aloneLife hangs in the balanceBy a slender threadYou’ve got a premonitionThere’s more trouble up aheadReversal of fortuneStar-crossed loveBad luck and sorrowThey go hand in gloveBut there’s a voice within youWhen you hit the wallCan you hear it whisper?Can you hear it call?