Calling all carsMy back's to the wallSend me some assistanceWe've got a bar-room brawlSmoke-filled, dressed to killLooking like a full-scale riotWhen all I ever wantedWas just a little peace and quietSomebody get me out of this hole(These wheels continue to roll)(Have mercy, mercy on my soul)Situation out of controlTakin' the curveAt a high rate of speedHe said, "Wouldn't you knowThis is all I needBad luck, pile-upPraying that the brakes will holdDon't you knowIt makes my blood run cold?"Hey, heyFlames going higher and higherIs it World War III?Is this a trial by fire?Ripstop, sure shotLord, they're creeping up behindBye bye, BabyI'm crying on the battleline