From the recording Rough and Tumble

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I’ve always walked the line
But then the other day
I stepped off the beaten path
And I lost my way

I got a low down feeling
And it seemed to coincide
With a cloud rolling
As dark as it was wide

I cried out loud
In an old abandoned hall
It was just an echo
Comin’ off the wall

I asked my sister
“What should I do?”
She said, “When it all unravels’
You’ve got to keep your wits about you”

I said, “Well, yes
That is sound advice”
I didn’t take it
And paid a high price

Tell me a story
Tell it well, my friends
Start at the beginning
I want to know how it ends

I want to hear the part
How it’s dark before the dawn
And how the light will lead me back
To the path I was on