From the recording Rough and Tumble

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A penny for your thoughts
Can we do this one more time?
Run the gauntlet
Though we're cutting it pretty fine
Took a wrong turn
Went north instead of south
Ended up in Arlington
Living hand to mouth

Can you hear it?
How sweet the sound
They've got a lot of ringing bells
in Boston Town
I wish I may, I wish I might
Meet you on the Old Post Road tonight

On our midnight ride
Just you and me
Reciting, "One if by land
Two if by sea"
I can picture horses running
As the muskets roar
When lanterns
Lit the way to war

In the rear view mirror
They are gaining on us now
Highwaymen in modern clothes
Jackals on the prowl
Is it a revolution
Or just a lunar phase?
Getting a little
Rough and tumble these days

And underneath
I guess I knew it all along
You can't rewind the clock
You can't unsing the song
We'll ride the King's Highway
One more time, my friend
And who knows -
Where the Charles flows
I'll find you again