From the recording Rough and Tumble

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With dust on his boots
And stars in his eyes
He dreamed of far off lands
With names that tantalize
He took his coins of silver
Left his childhood home
Set out across the mountains
For the wild unknown

Oh - He’s a wanderer
Driven by the wind
They could hear him singing
“When the Saints Go Marching In”

He saw the Northern Lights
And the far side of the moon
Danced in Morocco
Still humming that old tune
He climbed the Spanish Steps
Sailed the China Sea
Walked among the shadows
On the shores of Tripoli

He had a conversation
With the Lady of the Lake
She said, “The road forsaken
Is the one you must not take”
He said, “Thanks for the warning
So caring and so kind
But that road forsaken
Lures my curious mind”

And on that road
Just before the dawn
He was robbed of his silver
By thieves and vagabonds
They left him dying
He saw the Heavenly Host
At the thing gate
And he met the Holy Ghost