From the recording Rough and Tumble

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I wrote a sweet sad song
I took my time
It was carefully crafted
Thoughtfully rhymed

I brought it to my teacher
He was known to be tough
He could quote from the classics
And all that stuff

I was getting nervous
He looked pretty stern
When I sang it, he said
“You have a lot to learn”

Gotta put some rock in it
Put some rock in it
Gotta make it jump
Gotta make it roar
Gotta have a backbeat
Leave ‘em begging for more
Gotta put some rock in it

I started over
I picked up the pace
I cut out the mention
Of flowers and lace

I quit thinkin’ about
What I was trying to say
I flipped on my amp
And I started to play

I said, “But what if no one
Listens to rock anymore?”
He said, “ You never let a little
thing like that
Stop you before

Somebody somewhere
Surely could use
That fine combination
Country, rhythm and blues”